Aligning marketing,
sales and technology


With your business mojo and our inbound marketing expertise, the sky is the limit.


Growing your business?

With your customers consulting multiple digital channels before making purchasing decisions, you want to grow your business by making sure:

  • you're found through compelling content that generates demand and resonates with
      your audience.
  • you get results driven by data.
  • your sales and marketing teams are aligned.
  • you're simplifying through automation with the latest technology stack.
  • you can drive more leads and convert more sales.

We can help you achieve all of this to grow businessgrow because B2B marketing is our business. Plain and simple.



Your inbound marketing experts

As a Certified HubSpot Partner we help you reach your potential by elevating your brand online.

  • Inbound marketing is the process of attracting the attention of prospects and customers through compelling content, before they’re even ready to buy.
  • It’s the most effective way of generating leads and nurturing your customer base.
  • Content holds all the power. When prospects are looking for solutions online, you want your business to come up high in search engine results. At that point you want to convert strangers to promoters of your brand, efficiently and cost effectively.
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Our process

Mojitsu will walk you through a step-by-step process to develop strategic digital marketing campaigns along the buyers journey, from awareness, to consideration and decision.

We'll help you improve your lead generation, grow customer loyalty,  build efficiency through automation the right technology.

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Mo-jit-su n.


The fine art of balancing your business mojo, that sweet spot where everything is going right and the jiu-jitsu style precision of combining all your finely honed skills to be faster, smarter and more efficient in an ever-evolving competitive landscape.




Who we are


Co-founders Gabby Steyn and Derek Leitch, collectively bringing decades of business, marketing & technology experience to the table.

Leveraging this experience and the skills of some awesome creative & technical people,
we'll become part of your team and convert your ideas into meaningful marketing campaigns that deliver.

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